Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Musings

Right, well, back to work tomorrow... Thank the Goddess.

It’s been a rough few days but crazy as it may sound I think my back pain may have ‘broke’ for want of a better word like a bad cold. Been feeling pretty damn good today. Had a hobble round town yesterday looking for a back support. Failed. No biggie, hopefully get some joy Thursday.

Today I managed the morning on the computer, got to lunchtime and had to lie down for a bit, not a problem though, my chair at work is so much better than my one at home... and its cooler their too...

Dammit... all this waffling about my back, that’s not why I started this blog! So, writing stuff.

I’ve started researching yet another book. Oh yes, that will be number five on the go, those being,

Zombie Project – First started and around 90% of the first draft Complete.

ZX Spectrum Project – Second started and around 80% first draft Complete.

Video Arcade Project – Third started, about 35 / 40% first draft Complete.

Faerie Project – Fourth story - Treatment Complete

That brings us to the new project, a love story... Bit of a departure from my usual stuff and naturally will not be on the same shelf as the others. Bit darker, bit deeper, set one hundred percent in the real world and will deal heavily with religions.

So this weekend I worked out the idea for the plot, created a few key characters, found a location in America and created a fictitious town.

Seriously now, if your into writing I would highly recommend looking at Google earth, its great for working out locations for your stories. I took some bits from here and there and photo shopped up an original town to work from. Great fun and a really useful document for the writing process.

If I get time this week I might pop some doodles up on here.

We’ll see.

Now, I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep tonight.

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