Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Holidaze

Another week done, that went quick. Started my Staycation on Thursday with a trip to the hospital, went about as well as I expected it to... I’m overweight and unfit, naturally therefore it’s all in my fault... Jeeze, good job I don’t smoke or drink!

SO, I have to now got on even more painkillers and see a physiotherapist. Ho hum.

Productive couple of days, ‘Whirled of Spectrum’ has now crossed the two hundred page mark. Hopefully I will have the first draft done by the end of this holiday, then some proof reading and then onto the printers. Seriously need to get my finger out as if it’s not out by mid November it’s all over for another year. Has to come out before Christmas ( as the story takes place over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday )

So far I have two educated proof readers lined up to give it a read through and two tweenagers who are rather keen. Don’t have anyone ‘Sinclair’ educated lined up to read it yet though... So that’s a bridge to be crossed later.

Hope it’s worth all this effort.

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