Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My back's still a pain in the arse

So here we go again. More time off work thanks to that weasely, weak, pathetic collection of bones that has the audacity to call itself my spine.

Went back to work yesterday, managed to get through the full eight hours and crashed flat out as soon as I got home. Today, well, the damage has been done and by lunchtime I was relieved of my command and sent home... again.

I am in that respect very, very lucky. My work colleagues are a very caring bunch who really look out for each other... or they’re just sick and tired of watching me writhe around in pain moaning, groaning and complaining all day long. Anyhoo, I’m seriously lucky to work for such a caring bunch of people, I really couldn’t handle the hassles and worries other peoples employers seem to pile on whenever they sneeze... Hope they know how grateful I am.

So, back at home, back on the bed, back staring at the ceiling with the fan on full as the flat is like a sauna thanks to his nibs and his hydroponic malarkey.

That’s pretty much it. Can’t spend more than ten minutes sitting at the pooter, can’t get comfey enough in bed to use the laptop.

Can’t do anything.

Gawd I’m rubbish.

I really wanted to have Whirled finished by the end of August so I could get it released on the 16th of October... Can’t see it happening anymore.

Ho hum.

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